Benedicta Caserta Oroná, BENE,
born in Montevideo Uruguay in 1961.
A doctor by profession, she entered the Mercedes Gonzalez Ceramic Workshop 14 years ago.
She has carried out collective interventions in health centers in her city, as well as multiple collective and individual exhibitions in Montevideo and Punta del Este.
She has been a member of the Staff Red Tree Gallery since 2017. She expresses her creativity, combining her profile as a doctor, through the alchemy of mud, water, fire and air.
Her work is mainly in ceramic murals, with bas-reliefs and sculptures, painted with enamels and slips, although she is passionate about raku.
With these techniques, she combines unique and current pieces with the history and imprint of also unique fittings.
Their taste for drawing and painting unites them in these pieces as well as the utility vehicles that are also part of their collection.
In recent years she has also ventured into painting.