Borka Sattler

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Borka Sattler, Peruvian/German visual artist and writer, has a long and important career represented in countless individual and group exhibitions in several countries in America, Europe and Asia. Borka began painting at a very young age with the Peruvian painter Leonor Vinaltea to continue his studies in Fine Arts at the Catholic University of Peru. His first international exhibition was in Bogotá, Colombia and since then he has not stopped painting or exhibiting, mainly in Nueva York and in Paris, the latter city where his work was exhibited in the Simon Badinier and Claude Jory Galleries for 15 consecutive years thanks to the French critic Gastón Diehl discovering it in Peru when he held an exhibition of Duffy. Before arriving in Canada as Cultural Attaché of the Embassy of Peru in 1999, Borka directed the culture magazine Motivos for 9 years, which was born as a brochure for the Borkas Gallery of which she was also its director. His pictorial work is pure abstract expressionism and the most used technique is oil painting where the management of color and light is surprising. Borka paints every day at any time in a creative process that she describes as “suffering”, each blank canvas produces fear in her, fear of what will come out of the canvas…

Figurative painting remained very far away, mainly still lifes and cockfights, a common practice in Peru and other Latin American countries, which he painted at the beginning of his career. His work perhaps has some influence from cubism and Picasso, his favorite painter. Frida Khalo, the Mexican muralists, the Colombians Fernando Botero and David Manzur and the Chilean Roberto Matta are other greats who occupy a special place in Borka’s taste. For a few years Borka has divided his time between painting and writing. According to the artist’s words, these expressions of the soul are approached differently in the sense that her painting is abstract, condensed, while her literature is realistic, both novels that are traditional and short stories. coughs and stories that are part of their own experiences. He has published the novels La gallery (1990), written with Alberto Servat and Teresa Mestres, Doña Tránsito Abril (1997), much commented on by the Peruvian press, La cama verde (2005) and Mitococha (2009); and the storybook The Enigma of the Feathers (1994)

Recently participated in Exhibitions in Cap Ferrat, France, Barcelona, Dubai and the Qatar International Art Festival 2023.