Georgeta Abagiu

Romania 🇷🇴 | Switzerland 🇨🇭
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Georgeta Abagiu is a Rumanian artist born in 1983, based in Arbon, Switzerland.
She studied at the Colegiul Tehnic Ion Mincu at the Department of Architecture and at the Mission Academie Europeenne des Arts in Treviso, Italy.
She was the Winner of the Comune di Montecosaro Art Prize in 2022 and the Donatello di Firenze International Art Prize in 2023
She has been published in Contemporary Celebrity Masters Vol.1 in 2023.

“ I paint when I’m sad, when I’m happy. I don’t just paint to paint, I paint with my heart. I paint with feelings, I paint with passion and with love. When I’m in my studio, it’s just the colors and me. Each painting has a theme, has a message for everyone. I paint by revealing my ideas and my way of being” G.A.