“Painting puts me in a place of free expression, carefree, restless and transgressive at the same time. My painting expresses deep and intimate moods. I do not settle in a defined style; I explore and investigate everything like a creature discovering a wonderful world. I can affirm that with each brush stroke or stroke of the spatula I feel my whole being vibrate from within. I must drown out cries of pleasure, sing and even dance. I go without thinking, without programming and I don’t perceive the danger or the risks, I just paint. I can use a brush, a spatula, my hands and even a rag. I still think that something of simplicity, warmth and even innocence can be perceived in my personal style. It is to capture the emotional in art. Restless hands, strident, warm, fiery colors, an intense world that explodes on the canvas like fireworks in the sky. I love transforming any model, live or images, taking them to my own experience, my feeling and going through different figurative, impressionist styles, why pigeonhole me if everything is there to explore and enjoy? My relationship with colors is intense. I use a deep and passionate palette with strong, vibrant colors that I feel beating at the same rate as my heart. I can have problems, sadness, depression, but when I stand in front of the canvas with my palette and my brushes, everything disappears and is dyed with intense colors, my spirit rises and all the bad things vanish, becoming joy, passion, happiness, peace and healing.”

The painting is from the Serie: GLACIARES