Marcela Sambucetti

Argentina 🇦🇷
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“I would like to tell you what things led me to be who I am today. I have always liked art, creation, design. My first career was architecture. I like music and I studied and became a singer. And I love reading motivational books. All of this has accompanied me for years, without knowing how to put it together, or what to give priority to, until Ontological Coaching appeared in my life. I studied and certified as a coach…And there everything was ordered. I’m autodidactic. I never studied arts or painting, other than what I experienced in college, but I drew since I was a child, without any effort and I was always recognized for my work. In my works, especially this year’s, my transformation is reflected. My feelings and my emotions are manifested in the topics I choose. Release control, play with colors and let the heart and soul connect with my hands. Many times the images simply come out, without thinking…Colors and light are essential to transmit what I want to say, without words. I realized that as my personal transformation process progresses, and I professionalize my work, light has a special importance. The light is always, from the horizon, illuminating everything. Reflecting in the different skies. Fires sometimes. Peace others. But in general they are almost reflective landscapes, of meditation and serenity. Places to be alone, at peace with myself. Discovering myself. Navigating the art world gives me the chance to see the creativity in myself, from a place I have never experienced. I discovered something I didn’t know I had and I want to know how far I can go”.