Martina Di Gregorio

Slovakia 🇸🇰
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Martina born in Banská Bystrica, Slovakia.
Although she graduated from high school and has a business degree, she has encountered various forms of art in her life path, since she was a child.
Her uncle brought his paintings to her house where he painted streets and architectural gems of the city of Banska Štiavnica, registered in the UNESCO World Heritage and her grandfather played the accordion for her, taught her songs from an early age and noted her progress in a notebook.

“I loved sitting with my grandmother, she was always willing to conjure up a new model of clothes, which she designed and cut herself and when the whole family, from my mother’s side, met with us I was always fascinated by how they knew how to sing, play the piano, the accordion, the guitar”.

Martina has been in the fashion world since she was 19.
She’ve traveled the world as a model, another extremely creative if very stressful environment.

“Combining different items of clothing to suit materials and colors has always fascinated me so through my paintings I have tried to portray all these experiences by merging them with my perception of colour, the world and my personal life. First comes the thought, the inspiration and then the mad desire to express all my pains, my feelings, my mistakes, my happiness on the canvas. The need to express feelings is so strong and that awakened in me my love and my passion for art”.