Pablo Echeverria multidisciplinary artist born in the city of Mercedes, Uruguay, based in Punta del Este for the last 20 years.
He was inclined towards art from an early age, becoming interested in music, theater and the plastic arts. Since his beginnings he seems to have found his own and original expression through an asemic writing, with small

IG and intricate strokes, which today contrast with explosions of color.
During his career he has ventured into multiple techniques and supports, leaving the box to capture his work in countless objects, murals and bodies.
A universe of its own, where cities appear that can be machines or ships.
His work can be found on clothing, footwear, handbags, musical instruments, etc.
The writer and art critic Silvia Martínez Coronel refers to the pictorial poetics of Pablo Echeverría as: “Conceptions that transcend the pictorial and that merge with the dramatization of staging”, and considers it: “A necessary art, an avant-garde that illuminates”. A consecrated artist, and his work makes its place in the world.