Svetlana Verisova

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Svetlana Brezashka Verisova is a Russian artist based in Bulgaria (1997).Since her student years she was interested in painting; her teachers were artists and that determined her future work. She also worked as a painting teacher in Russia and participated in collective exhibitions in Krasnodar. She has participated as a freelance artist in live and online Exhibitions. In April 2023 she had a solo exhibition in Pleven, Bulgaria. In June 2023 she participated in a Biennial in Serbia organized by Belgrade Cultural Association where she received an award for “The best painting of the gallery”.

“I get my inspiration from our everyday life. It often fills us with positive emotions. I see joy and fun moments in the relationships between children and parents, grandparents and grandchildren. I love nature, I share with people beautiful landscapes , which sees. Many of us live in cities and forget how beautiful is the evening and sunrise, the song of the crickets and the scent of wildflowers. I also like to experiment by conveying feelings through the human image. Then a viewer can feel the soul of a painting, the thoughts and feelings of the artist” SVB