Wafa Abdulaziz

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Wafa Abdulaziz is a multidisciplinary artist from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
From West Elm in Alkobar City to Dubai, and from Dubai to Riyadh and so on Wafa has participated in many exhibitions and art Charitable Events.
Her last participation was in Doha last November at the Qatar International Art Festival 2023.

“There comes a moment in life that makes you realize the value of what you have, and in that moment, everything changes to you.
That is exactly what happened to me.
I discovered my talent for drawing at school, but I didn’t realizeThe greatness of this talent that God gifted me with till I grew up and years passed, and I found myself doing nothing but waiting for a government job!
In 2015, I started to do some sketches with pencil and charcoal encouraged by some of the artists I follow on social media. I’m interested in art and I love paintings, seeing the beauty of art moved something inside me and reminded me of my forgotten talent!”

From pencil and charcoal on canson paper to canvas and acrylic colors, her journey in art life really started in 2018 when the general manager of West Elm, Mr. Vhongz de Guzman, saw one of her paintings and invite her to join a local artist event to displayed her artwork.

“Exactly on that moment, everything changed for me, and I started to think more seriously about my talent and decided to become a true artist not just some one who likes to draw and enjoy it as a Hobby!
In my artwork, you would see abstract, pop art, realistic, and a mix of this and that , and I don’t just paint on canvas; I also like to paint on clay vases and dishes which is different from what si paint on canvas; I paint shapes and designs from our Saudi culture.
I’m also passionate about handicrafts. I love to do some embroidery and crochet and I inherited that from my mother. She made many beautiful things at a young age. I used to watch her work when I was a little and today I’m walking in her steps.”